How to Configure Rock Band 2 Song List
Tutorial Difficulty:  (Medium)

The new RB2 setlist..

@ Death_au , endrju , MrFaust, and all who are interested in the new songlist mode, and how it'll work.

Album Art
Album art is displayed now in 2D instead of rendering to 3D model cd, so the songlist is faster.

Empty Label

Random Label

--> Someone must organise at least all the RB2 songs with albumart in them --> album.png

Difficulty & Album [Genre will not be in there, at least for now]
The difficulty will be implemented too by adding this in song ini:
album = 
genre = 
year = 
diff_band = 
diff_bass = 
diff_guitar = 
diff_drums = 
Numbers here --> 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. [Ingame difficulty from 1-5 presented by circles, and 6 by devil head]

There will be dificulties for: Band, Guitar, Bass, Drums.
The setlist will also display the Album that the song belongs to by adding this in song.ini
album = Nameofthealbum

--> Someone must add the difficulties at least for the RB2 songs.
--> Someone must add albums at least for RB2 songs.

Here are all the RB,RB2, and DLC album infos, little labels (This won't be used cuz we need at least 400x400 label), and Difficulties:

New feature: Random Song, like in RB2
Title says all.

New way for organising the setlist:
The name of the band will be separated.
The game will display only the top score without name of the player, by the name of the songs. [Toggable Instruments and Difficulties by buttons , F4 F5 and stuff]

New images in the theme:
New selected image [When this songlist mode is chosen, this item is displayed for scrolling the songs, instead of scaling the selected.png]
New ,,tier'' image [This item is displayed under every tier, like RB2 has]

All graphics and ideas by [K.i.D] , copied exactly like RB2.
Coding by hman333 and MFH. 
Little revised by Yurisuke
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