LAST UPDATE JAN/14/2009 at 4:17 am

Last download released: Yurisuke's FoF RB2 Patch 1.5
Can be found at 
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Last songs released: Rock Band 2 Songs Pack
Can be found at
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Last tutorial released: How to configure Rock Band 2 Song List
Can be found at
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Last download released: Yurisuke's FoF RB2 Pack 1.0
Can be found at
Downloads Section


Here, you can download Yurisuke's Packs and read Tutorials for Frets on Fire, Rock Band 2 MOD! I'm planning to post more contents like tutorials and downloads for you as soon as the new patches and features are released.

Screen Shot of the day:

      White Wedding - Guitar - Expert
      Scorer: Yurisuke
2nd in World Star Power Chart

Frets on Fire Rock Band 2 website is finaly open!

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